Meow, Meow Meow?

As a cat enthusiast, I love pictures of cats… and .gifs of cats… and videos about cats…. and fuzzy little baby kittens that I can nuzzle and snuggle and love for ever and ever.

Sorry about that.

But really, who doesn’t like cats? Or some sort of cat-equivalent (like a dog, I guess). And if you do like animals,  no doubt you have tried to talk to them, whether in your language or theirs. Which is why I love this picture.


The ironic thing about it, however, is that the cat’s in this picture know an awful lot about humanity. The cat says, right in the second to last frame “Humans say dumb stuff all the time.” We offend each other, people we’ve never met, and apparently animals, all the time with the things we say. Innocuous comments that we don’t put any thought into, gibberish that seems harmless at the time, and jokes we find hilarious can potentially hurt others.

Today is “National Coming Out Day,” and in honor of that I would like to use this post to mention that using phrases like “that’s gay” can be exceptionally hurtful to someone who is trying to pluck up the courage to be themselves, despite the negativity they are faced with every day. Mind your words, even if they are meant in jest. People are always listening. And cats too. Animals need our love as much as people do.


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