In high school (a predominantly white, upper-middle-class, I’m-slightly-ashamed-of-my-privilage high school), my good friend Jill and I would walk around with those little clicker-things that look like this, counting whatever trend we hated most that day. Sometimes it was north-face jackets, sometimes it was the incorrect usage of the word like (a number which the clicker could not handle), and the frequency of UGG boots (or their knock-offs) scuffing the floors of our school. Let me tell you, the numbers were high. So high, in fact, that I almost wanted to tell everyone that their “super-chic,” frumpy, lumpy, furry, animal skin booties were so UNoriginal that they were worn by almost half the girls in our grade (and likely the population, at the rate their going).

Image You can purchase these elephantitis-esque shoes for upwards of $700.00 from the actual site (, or rip-off designs from places like Target and Payless (damn straight, you’ll pay less…pretty easy to do when the original cost more than my ’97 Ford Taurus).

This might be less about what I found on the interwebs and more about what I see in the world, but seriously, ladies? Don’t you see how ridiculous these shoes look on your feet?

“But they’re so comfy!”

“Yeah, well you look like you are suffering from gout, so I would consider alternate foot-ware.”


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