WHAT. WHAT. The Power of Makeup

Yeah, so I already posted about how makeup can change the appearance of a model so that she looks nothing like the average blah blah blah, but lets take a look at THIS transformation, just for a minute. 



These three images are of the same actor, Lawrence Makoare. Yeah. Movie makeup is almost more amazing than Vogue! I mean, the Witch King has a mask and all, but still, from Lurtz to Gothmog! It’s amazing. Also, I had no idea “chewed bubble-gum face” (my affectionate name for the Orc commander at the Battle of Pelennor) was actually called Gothmog. You learn something new every day. This picture, right here, is the reason I love the internet. You just never know what your’e going to find out about your favorite movies. 


PS: THE HOBBIT IS COMING OUT SOON. *dancing in the streets*

PPS: Apparently Lawrence Makoare is also playing Bolg in The Hobbit. 


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