HAHA. Yes.

So complaining about the fact that most of us graduates will end up in office jobs, working in a cubicle, surrounded by misery and austere managers is a pretty cliche past-time for twenty-somethings like myself. But I think this picture does it in a pretty hilarious, and surprisingly motivational way. 

Image (http://themetapicture.com/ignore-your-books-if-you-want/) TheMetaPicture may or may not be my favorite website to just scroll through almost pathetically regularly. 

Anyway, while the whole dinosaur reincarnation metaphor is hilarious, it is actually pretty darn accurate. While that is a little implausible, it represents the dream of fulfilling those aspirations that definitely do not reside behind a computer screen (unless that’s what you aspire to. If so, no offense). Part of this reason I think I find this so important is that I’m not really sure what I want to do yet. Or where I want to be “One Day” when dinosaurs are alive and well again. I certainly know it’s not working for The Man. Whoever that may be. 

In all actuality, it’s probably safe to say I will still be saying “Man, I wish I did (insert really cool hindsight inspiration here) before I got lame and set in my ways,” but hopefully it’s something as ridiculous as reinventing the stegosaurus, and not an important, life altering course of action. That would be fine. 


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