Just take some deep breaths.

Finals seem terrifying, I know, but only because everyone else is stressing out about them too. They are going to happen either way, whether you are prepared for them or not, so why not just take them one step at a time. Your stress negatively impacts your performance, and an easy way to reduce stress is time management (FACTS). All nighters are bad. Sleep is good. Just some things to remember. Eat healthy, sleep normally, and study in the room you are taking the exam, if at all possible. Environmental queues will help you recall the things you studied (ie the smell of the room, the desk you sit in, the blank–yes blank– board etc). Also, breaks. For every 4omin   you spend staring at a book, you need to do something completely different (exercise, watch TV, eat, interact socially) for at least 15min. Don’t over-do the breaks, but do take them. Your brain seriously needs some processing time, and only takes in so much information before it’s not really learning anything at all. Trust me, I’m a psych major.



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