Thankfully the internet is chock-full of absurdities, interesting facts, news, events….everything that goes on in this world gets filtered through the web, and I’m writing this blog, maybe just for myself, as a way to see how I personally see the internet. What interests me? What infuriates me? I’m using this blog as a self-study, and hopefully as a thought-provoker for others.

The title of this blog, “The Importance of Being Earnest” is also the title of a play by Oscar Wilde, and it’s about a man leading a double life, lying to his friends, but finding some semblance of family by the end. It’s about hypocrisy and morality and how the two often interact. My hope is that this blog isn’t entirely related, in that sense, but the title, in all it’s ironies, is still true. It is important to be sincere, honest, and earnest about how you feel and in what you say. That is the purpose of this blog. For me to be earnest, to talk about the world, and make note of what I find interesting and worth talking about.


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