Just take some deep breaths.

Finals seem terrifying, I know, but only because everyone else is stressing out about them too. They are going to happen either way, whether you are prepared for them or not, so why not just take them one step at a time. Your stress negatively impacts your performance, and an easy way to reduce stress is time management (FACTS). All nighters are bad. Sleep is good. Just some things to remember. Eat healthy, sleep normally, and study in the room you are taking the exam, if at all possible. Environmental queues will help you recall the things you studied (ie the smell of the room, the desk you sit in, the blank–yes blank– board etc). Also, breaks. For every 4omin   you spend staring at a book, you need to do something completely different (exercise, watch TV, eat, interact socially) for at least 15min. Don’t over-do the breaks, but do take them. Your brain seriously needs some processing time, and only takes in so much information before it’s not really learning anything at all. Trust me, I’m a psych major.



WHAT. WHAT. The Power of Makeup

Yeah, so I already posted about how makeup can change the appearance of a model so that she looks nothing like the average blah blah blah, but lets take a look at THIS transformation, just for a minute. 



These three images are of the same actor, Lawrence Makoare. Yeah. Movie makeup is almost more amazing than Vogue! I mean, the Witch King has a mask and all, but still, from Lurtz to Gothmog! It’s amazing. Also, I had no idea “chewed bubble-gum face” (my affectionate name for the Orc commander at the Battle of Pelennor) was actually called Gothmog. You learn something new every day. This picture, right here, is the reason I love the internet. You just never know what your’e going to find out about your favorite movies. 


PS: THE HOBBIT IS COMING OUT SOON. *dancing in the streets*

PPS: Apparently Lawrence Makoare is also playing Bolg in The Hobbit. 

Psychology Thoughts




 With finals coming up, the end of the semester approaching fast, here are some fine words of wisdom to consider. Stress management is important in any student’s life, but if you can master those skills in college, they will benefit you for the rest of your experiences as well. Image It is also important, says researcher and health psychologist Kelly Mcgonigal, to view stress as a positive thing, to think that it makes “your body energized and it’s preparing you to meet this challenge,” in her TEDtalk this September. Instead of thinking of stress as an enemy to be defeated, consider it an ally, enabling your body to overcome whatever hurdle you are approaching. The study of Psychology helps us to understand the way our brain works, why our body reacts the way it does to certain situations, and figure out how to better cope with problems. This TED page also outlines other ways of combating the negative effects of stress, like helping people, and enumerates ways that stress can be good for you (in “moderate” amounts)! All good things to consider, when finals are coming and stress is mounting. When that paper is due in an hour and you don’t know what to do, take a deep breath and keep working at it, but remember that this one moment does not spell disaster, and your pounding heart and sweaty palms are a sign of your vitality, not your immanent doom. 




The name’s Meme. Internet Meme.

“noun: a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.” (Dictionary.com). 

We are transmitting ideas across the globe at rates nearly unheard of, and all because of the internet. Imagine if one meme existed as a real virus, spreading from person to person as quickly as “What Does the Fox Say?” Seriously, our planet would be long dead– about a billion times over. Some memes are saved for only the deepest parts of the internet, where the average web-surfer doesn’t even know to go, but others cross cultural boundaries with ease, playing on the Today Show, humoring young children and teens, while also flitting into the ears of grandparents. My grandma said to me the other day, out of the blue, looking up from a book she was reading, “What DOES a fox say?” 



Even my grandma…really? This video was posted on September 3rd, and quickly went viral, now at 190,211,414 views. Looking at Gooogle Trends, we can see that interest in the subject of what noise a fox makes was pretty much non-existent till this song was released: 



Good grief… 

Sometimes I’m Just Baffled

The internet can be a wonderful place, there is no doubt in my mind about that. And yet, it is rife with the most ridiculous, obscene, arbitrary, thoughtless junk. Like these pictures. Seriously?

Image  internet

With all the potential in the world, we create images and posts (admittedly like this one) with no meaning, no real significance, and we wonder why society is becoming more and more apathetic about the world, and the work ethic of people to decrease.

Motivation, inspiration, and thought provoking messages should be what fills our time on the web, but instead, we get pictures of unicorns raising hell, cats (guilty), and distractions. As a student of psychology, I have to wonder why this is? Do we simply find our fast-paced world to be too intense, and the internet has become a means of escape? Did it start out as something fascinating and useful, and descend into a trap of work-less junk? I know it has its uses. We can connect with people across the globe, discover new things every second, and find more information with a few key-strokes than we could ever learn in a whole day at the library, but I have to worry at the same time. This massive resource is being exploited, understated, and underutilized every day, to the effect that “13 percent of web searches were for erotic content.” That’s a lot of porn. And 15% is related to cats. good grief, that’s nearly 30 percent of the internet, wasted on our own enjoyment… innocent or otherwise.

I’d be interested to know how much overlap there is between those two… Cat Porn… Slightly disturbing, but potentially fascinating… It’s for a research project, I swear!

A Little Humor Goes A Long Way

We all have heard about the US Government and it’s recent shut-down. There are angry posts on facebook, countless news articles, grumpy government workers (and Presidents…), but I think the best part of this shut down comes in the form of this delightful picture:



I think I find it particularly hilarious because I have seen the IT Crowd, a British TV show (pictured on the bottom), but I think everyone can relate to the basic principle. Frustration with something you apparently have no control over and no obvious solution in sight (other than an all-out reset). In the case of the American Government, however, a “simple reset” means wages lost by government employees, a halt to all general functions of the system, the closing of museums like the Smithsonian, passport requests put on hold (the list goes on and on) — the stubbornness of one group of people wreaking havoc on our nation. 

Not all my posts will be so serious, or politically founded, but I just wanted to share this little gem, hoping to make light of this ridiculousness.